Advanced Online Voice Lessons

Singing is a great pastime. It improves your mood by releasing chemicals like endorphins. Your posture and mental alertness improve. There are many other health benefits of singing. Your self-esteem may even increase as you feel more and more confident in your voice.

Take your singing to the next level by taking advanced online voice lessons from CB Voice Studio. Feel yourself grow as a person and experience the health benefits that come along with learning to sing better. 

What Does Charlene Teach?

Charlene Bryant is the instructor for CB Voice Studio. She teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced online singing lessons. Charlene offers her lessons in person in Milford, DE, but to be as accommodating as possible, online lessons are available as well. For those that can’t leave their homes, you can still learn great singing exercises. All you need is a quality computer and microphone.

Besides helping her students improve their voices, Charlene also offers to help prepare her students for auditions to get into universities or for performances.

Why Choose Charlene?

It’s vital to learn from a voice teacher that has experience, and Charlene Bryant has been in music and performance almost her entire life. From performing in the Trump Tower to the stage in New York, Charlene has proved that she has the expertise to teach singing and performance strategies and skills.

Another great thing about Charlene is that she has studied how to teach children. She mostly works with students aged eight to high school graduates, but she is also available to teach adults. Her goal is to take the time to find music that her students want to sing so the experience is more enjoyable for them.

Are you ready to improve your singing skills and learn new voice strategies? Start the process today by calling CB Voice Studio at (267) 304-2048.


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